New arrivals!

Well I never! There was I laid in the hay when an over-excited Poppy woke me up with her squeals and squeaks, most unusual for her.

I crawled out to see what all her fuss was about, only to find Hilton with not one but three lovely looking sows in his cabin. They weren’t paying him any attention what so ever, but they were there all the same.

Poppy was in her element at the thought of having three sows to stay here and be able to squeak with them FOREVER, I, on the other hand, was thinking about having to share food and bedding space with not one but three piggies, and they’re not little piggies by any means, the one called Summer hasn’t stopped eating since she arrived!

The sows have a nickname given to them by the rescue which they came from, it’s the ‘ladies that lunch”, quite a good name, but maybe it should have been “the ladies that lunch, tea, and snack in between.”

Hilton seems quite taken with them too, as I’ve seen him chasing the one called Ruby up and down and round and round, until she gets bored of him and tells him to jog on, which he does because he has plenty of friends now!

Poppy hasn’t had a chance to squeak with the sows yet, but she’s calmed down about it now and prepared to wait, as the sows and Hilton are being bonded at the moment, so this means that no one can see them until they are firm friends. They look very friendly to me already, they play together they sleep together in the hay and Hilton is even sharing his food!

So it looks like we are stuck with them FOREVER much to Poppy’s delight!

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