Taking Stock

Summer is fading fast now, and Autumn is quickly taking its place. It’ll soon be time for the fan to go away and the heater to be turned to full blast as we sip our hot chocolate on an evening…ooo I can’t decide which season I like the best!

Things are getting back to normal around here, as holidaying piggies are slowly returning home after a lazy summer, and pampering is slowly beginning again as piggies want to smell fresh as they go back into their houses after spending a long hot summer outside.

There’s lots to do around here though, my work is never done. I’m always busy with one thing or another, such as stocking up on medical supplies, nuggets, new water bottles and pampering products, to see us through the winter 😃

The guinea pig house is in need of a good clean after the summer too, but the other piggies can take care of that and I will check up on their progress of course. Hilton is doing a smashing job of keeping the grass short enough, so hopefully, the lawn mower won’t have to make an appearance this autumn.

Must dash as I have to place a hay order pronto, as us piggies do love to eat our hay!!