Spa Weekend!

Oh my word!
Lots of piggies came for a spa weekend, I had no idea what that was but when I found out I ran a mile I can tell you! Poppy was rather interested though and stayed around to have a natter to everyone… I think she wanted to join in the fun but my forever mummy was far too busy with the other piggies to allow that to happen so Poppy had to be content to just watch this time 🙂

The piggies had a good hair brush and a check over, bath number one (yuk!), bath number two (with scented shampoo, yuk again!), a towel dry, hair brush and comb again, then they had their nails clipped and filed. Poppy said they seemed to like it and they all looked lovely afterwards too. The worst thing is that they were all boars, not a pretty little sow amongst them; what is the world coming to?

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