Tender Loving Care

Hector and Fifi have returned for their hols. Hector is looking as slim and fit as ever, but Fifi has been poorly recently so is in need of some TLC, but she is looking good and eating well and her weight is good (not that she’d tell me how much she weighs, but I overheard her and Poppy ‘wheeking’ about it yesterday).

Pip and Chester are back. Pip came in with a poorly leg so has had lots of TLC including being moved to a larger cage with fleece and given extra Parsley…I’m not sure how the Parsley is going to help his leg, or how having a larger cage will either…if your leg hurts you want to rest it, not have a larger cage to run around in…anyway he’s getting TLC too!

Ollie and Brownie are back for their hols too. Brownie was a little ill before her holidays, so needs TLC too, although she has been fine here!

I’m a little concerned that my forever mummy will run out of TLC and there’ll be none left for me, so I’m off to get my share now before it does!

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