I hope you’ve all had a fabulous Easter!

We have had a lovely time except for not having had much sunshine! We didn’t get out on the lovely grass, as much as I’d hoped, so we had to make do with handfuls being brought in for us to munch on. I don’t know about you but it just doesn’t taste the same to me…I much prefer being able to choose my own patch and nibble away… Poppy, however,  enjoys the handpicked grass because she doesn’t get her delicate paws muddy…

Most of the piggy boarders have gone home now and the next batch have arrived, so pampering is in full swing again, which hopefully means I’ll be at the end of the queue. I like to watch the piggies having their hair and nails done but that’s it, just watching, I don’t really want to join in, Poppy on the other hand, loves it…I’ll never fathom her out at all!


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