Christmas is on its way!

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! Lady Rose Blossom, Jeremy, Comet and Blitzen popped in for a little pampering recently and Bramble and Horatio returned home after a long weekend here.

Midge, Beauty and Eric came for their holidays; Eric is their new friend, but he fitted in straight away, diving into the hay pile

Toffee and Magpie came for their regular pampering packages. They went away with a lot less hair, but left us with lots of Christmas pressies…I don’t think that was a fair exchange, but I’m not complaining

Maggie, Dolly and Lily have arrived for their first ever holiday with us. They seem like a lovely bunch of sows and get along very well with Poppy, squeaking and wheeking into the night

There’s been lots of talk about Christmas and pressies and Secret Santas too, I’m beginning to feel all Chrismassy!

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