Christmas is on its way!

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! Lady Rose Blossom, Jeremy, Comet and Blitzen popped in for a little pampering recently and Bramble and Horatio returned home after a long weekend here.

Midge, Beauty and Eric came for their holidays; Eric is their new friend, but he fitted in straight away, diving into the hay pile 😀

Toffee and Magpie came for their regular pampering packages. They went away with a lot less hair, but left us with lots of Christmas pressies…I don’t think that was a fair exchange, but I’m not complaining 😛

Maggie, Dolly and Lily have arrived for their first ever holiday with us. They seem like a lovely bunch of sows and get along very well with Poppy, squeaking and wheeking into the night 🙂

There’s been lots of talk about Christmas and pressies and Secret Santas too, I’m beginning to feel all Chrismassy!

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