More arrivals!

Ginge and Tubbs are back for their hols and a little pampering too! They said they didn’t actually want to be pampered but it’s their owners idea so they have to go along with it…I think they are secretly enjoying it though 😉

Ralph and Flo are here for the first time. Poppy and Flo have been talking well into the night, most nights so my forever mummy hasn’t got many pictures of her because she’s always sleeping through the day! Ralph eats and then sleeps, eats some more and then sleeps some more…we get on very, very well 😛

Elmo is back for a break and pampering too. Poppy thinks he looks beautiful with his new hair cut!

Tegan and Maisie are back for their hols. I haven’t even had a chance to squeak hello as Poppy has taken over, but I don’t mind really because they are sows after all and I’ve seen enough sows to last me a life time. Poppy says I should stop being a grump!

Lottie and Squeak (more sows), are here for the first time, along with Alfie and Ziggy. Alfie loves lying in the hay and burrowing right under, and Ziggy enjoys lazing around eating 🙂

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This is me enjoying the grass!!

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