Sad goodbye’s and happy hello’s

Poppy and I are back in the piggy palace, as Betty, Wilma, Polga, Mungo and Squeaky have now gone home. They were the perfect holiday guests, because they wheeked alot, ate lots of food and nibbled the grass, so Grandma didn’t have to cut it.

Apples and Pears have come back for their holidays, they are settling in nicely, no doubt we will squeak and squeal together at some point

Elmo has had his pamper package of bath, nails and hair cut…but he doesn’t look like Elmo anymore, but his forever parents were happy with him

Denzil and Vincent have gone home too, their holiday flew by and I didn’t get much opportunity to squeak with them at all, probably due to rain, we just kept passing each other, instead of lounging around in the sun…there’s always next time I suppose…can I wait until Autumn to see them again…will there be much sunshine then?

On a positive note, my forever mummy has ordered a HUGE bag of Ings hay…I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

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