Rain,rain, all the way!

The title says it all really, nothing but rain for days now- so much so that I didn’t realise it was June, I thought it was April with all the showers! June is supposed to be a part of summer, but I think that’s all changed because the weather is not remotely summer like 😯

Despite the rain we’ve had a new piggy come for a pamper package called Scampy. He behaved very well whilst here and didn’t live up to his name at all!

Spencer & Gertie and Ben & Hudspith have been back for a short holiday. Spencer had just come back from the vet so my forever mummy had to keep a special eye on him. I think the vet has made a terrible mistake though, as Spencer has Gertie living with him, so there’s already enough room for two, so he didn’t need to lose his bits! No doubt the vet will realise this and give them back to him on his next visit 🙂

All the holiday boarders have gone home now, so Poppy and I have a few days peace and quiet, unless you count Dexter and Harley, which I don’t, because they are going outside soon, as soon as the rain stops…now do you understand why I want it to stop 😉

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