Old friends and new friends :)

Well, what a busy time of it we’re having…well I’m not, I continue to laze around in the hay and eat all day but my forever mummy is rushed off her feet!

First of all Fenti and his entourage of beautiful sows arrived for a long, long holiday…yes, they are still here so I mean a really long holiday 🙂

Carrie and Annie came for a holiday and pamper day thrown in for good measure. Valentino and Hugo are back for their holidays, another long one, so I’ll have plenty of time for a catch up later 🙂

George and Stanley arrived for their first holiday with us…first of many I hope, as they were such a hoot! Climbing on the roof of their house and then dive bombing each other…running rings around my forever mummy when it was time for cuddles… they were sooo funny to watch, I love them. Poppy wasn’t as impressed though, she said they moved too fast for her liking!

Jerry & Buzz and Booboo came for pamper days somewhere inbetween too, didn’t get a chance to wheek and squeak with them though as they were too busy having their hair done – they did look good afterwards though and you can find a photo of them in the ‘before & after’ gallery.

Slightly concerned as I think the big house is falling down as it’s got lots of big poles holding it up, and they’ve been there for ages, so think it could fall any minute now 😮

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