News round up!

Yay! Fudge and Coco have returned for more holidays 🙂

They are a beautiful pair of sows with lots and lots of energy…Poppy and I just can’t keep up with them! Molly is just like them too, rushing here, rushing there, Mo, on the otherhand, is a more sedate sow…definitely my kind of piggy, because she just loves to lie around in the hay trays, eating hay!

Elmo is doing really well and taking his medications like a good little boar and eating and drinking lots, so he’ll soon be rushing around the runs too, I bet 😀

Buttercup, Daisy and Georgie had their first outdoor play (for this holiday) yesterday. They enjoyed nibbling on ‘real’ grass as opposed to the ready dried stuff…I totally agree, the ‘real’ stuff is so much better, because you can just eat and eat and eat, because it is endless 😛

Denzil and Vincent went outside for play yesterday too, but Grandma said “they didn’t play ball, so don’t have any photos,” – I’m so confused because they didn’t have any balls in their run yesterday!

Anyway, please feel free to take a look at everyone’s gallery, except Denzil and Vincents!

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