New arrivals!

All change! Well, not everyone, but lots of piggies have returned home and new ones have arrived for their summer holidays!

Gingersnap & Cupcake don’t seem to have changed one bit, they are still as cute as ever! Frankie & Benny have settled right in enjoying their hols. They love grass time, breakfast time, tea time, cuddle time…they just love it all!

Porky & Subz are insisting they go out first for grass time and that they have first dibs on the best patches! Bernard & Polga are back for their hols, but sadly their friends are not, although Polga is enjoying being the head honcho and Bernard is just doing as he’s told, but I hear he has plans for increasing the group eventually.

Matilda & Sophie are settling in well and they are still as cute as ever…sows always stay cute don’t they?

Fuzzy Keith & Flash Gordon are here for their first holiday. They are very nice piggies, with lots of ginger hair. They came with Willow, Pixie, Rosie, Sienna & Cinnamon, who are also mainly ginger…I’ve been fooled more than once by them, thinking I was squealing to Sienna when it was actually Cinnamon I was talking to…Grandma has the same problem!

Flo & Clove and Nutmeg & Ginger are busily munching away on grass, they are very well behaved piggies and always leave a trail of grass for me to munch up later 😉

So I’m off to do that now before it gets swept up!!

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