New arrivals

Wowza! You have to get a load of Elmo’s hair, it is fantastic! I really wish I could grow a beard and sideburns like that, it is fab-u-lous!

Sadly, Elmo is in for a pamper package, so that means getting his hair cut…I’m trying to convince my forever mummy to leave the side burns, but she says, she has to do as she’s being asked and that is to trim his hair very short so that he will keep cool in the summer. I don’t have that problem, you see, my hair just doesn’t seem to grow past my ears 🙁

Two lovely sows arrived today called Mo and Molly, not too sure which piggy is Mo and which is Molly at the moment. I haven’t had much chance to squeak with them yet, as Poppy has held them captive telling them all about her Spa weekend with Gertie and showing off her lovely gift that she’s been given…no doubt, I’ll get a chance later 🙂

I’m off to laze in the sun some more, but don’t forget to look in Elmo’s gallery at his side burns – he looks great 😀

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