Busy little bees!

Well it’s been fun and games around here I can tell you… Apples and Pears have gone home, Sub-Z and Porky are arguing with each other one minute and then making up the next, they really need to get their pecking order sorted out once and for all and sharpish… some of us like to sleep at night you know!

New boarders have arrived too, called Pip and Chester. Sooty and Sweep came for a short stay but now they’ve gone again. I didn’t really have chance to make friends with them but maybe next time they’ll stay for longer and I’ll see them around the place 😀

We’ve had nail clips and mite treatments coming in and going out and I didn’t even get chance to squeak to any of them 🙁

Mop, Flora and Lilly dropped by too but didn’t stay for long but promised to call again soon 🙂

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