Half Term Holidays

Eric, Beauty and Midge arrived for their half term holiday yesterday. They’re all looking well and settled right into the hay 🙂

Jagger, Spike, Harry and Pip and Simon Squeak were next, then came Frankie, Benny and Barney. All piggies requested a pamper package! I don’t know what’s got into these piggies just recently, they all want pampering 😮

Poppy thinks it’s to do with Valentines Day. She said they all want to smell nice for their forever piggy, because that’s what piggies do for their one true love, they smell nice!

I have to admit that Poppy smells divine to me…I love her to bits, she is my forever piggy, I can’t imagine living with another piggy, but I think I smell fab aswell. I smell of hay, readigrass and vegetables all rolled into one…what more could a piggy want?!

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