Loving the weather!

We are loving this weather…lazy days and sunshine, the perfect piggy life 😀

Gertie and gang have gone home, so I have full reign of the keyboard again, so I should be able to get my blog up to date without any interruptions! Lady Rose and her gang have gone home too. I dithered about whether I should kiss her hand or bow when I said goodbye…Poppy just gave her a loud ‘wheek’ as they’ve become good friends 🙂

Scampi and Mushroom have gone home too, so we had a very quiet day without any piggies to squeal and wheek with… but then we were bombarded with my forever mummy and her sweeping brush and mop to have a good clean out, so that was the peace and quiet gone!

Sponge has returned for his hols…he’s such a lovely, chilled out piggy. He settled in straight away, lazing around and eating hay 😀

A new group arrived for their hols in the piggy palace today, rather a large group of seven, so I think it may take a while for me to work out who’s who!

I’m off for a little natter to them now whilst I wait for tea…it takes longer to prepare when there’s a large group in, so I’ve plenty of time 🙂

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