Guinea Pig Gift Giving Guide!

As everyone is definitely aware by now, Christmas is on its way and if you didn’t then you must be living under a rock!  Only 24 days to go until the big day and we don’t want you to have any disappointed piggies in your house, so we’ve made you a short list of gifts*, in the hope of giving you some inspiration, so that your Christmas day goes without a hitch 😀


For the Foodie Piggy: – we personally think this applies to all piggies!


Rosewood Naturals Christmas Piggy Stocking – £6.99

Shhhhh! we’ve got this for Nosey & Poppy this year, as we think they’ll love the collection of goodies inside because they are true nibblers!


Rosewood Nibble ‘n’ Dig Meadow – £4.99

As you can see from the photo, our group of piggies love this one, although there’s more nibbling going on than digging!





Woodlands Forage Bags – £ 3.49 

As you can see from our collection, our guinea pigs love this sprinkled into their hay on a regular basis. It helps with their foraging skills and keeps them busy for longer. We’ve tried Dandelion Feast, Blackcurrant & Apple and the Guinea Pig Herbal Forage so far and the Dandelion Feast is definitely a firm favourite! 


For the Playful Piggy:

Ruffle Snuffle – £18.50

We just love the colours of these, they really brighten up the play area and they’re definitely on our own wish lists this Christmas! 




Log Rolls – varying prices and sizes

Our pigs love to run through, sit in and climb on log rolls. They come in natural wood or pretty colours to change it up a bit – just make sure you buy the right size 😆


Supreme Stickles – £1.65

While these treat sticks could also be suitable for a Foodie piggie, we like them for the Playful piggy. Hanging them up high means the piggies have to stretch and bend to get to them and it gives them a nice bit of exercise as well as a tasty treat at the end! 





Not forgetting a paper bag filled to the brim with meadow hay – our piggies love to nibble away, dive in and finally tear the bag to pieces, so all round entertainment for a few pennies. 

Just make sure you snip through the handle so they don’t get stuck 🙂



For the Adventurous Piggy:

Cavy Cannonball – £11.99

This tilting tunnel is perfect for the more curious piggies, we haven’t tried it with our piggies but let us know what yours think! 




Rosewood Carrot Cottage – £7.98/ £12.98

These carrot cottages are really fun, piggies can sit inside, sit on top or eat the whole thing if they prefer! 



Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for gifts that your guinea pigs will enjoy and that are fun and healthy for them too.

We hope you and your piggies have a fabulous Christmas and a happy new year!




*all items shown/recommended have been purchased with our own money, all comments are our own and are not affiliated with the relevant product company in any way. 

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