Squeaky clean!

Wowee! We’ve just arrived home from our overnight stay at our friend’s house, to find the guinea pig house has been cleaned from top to bottom and is shining like a new sparkly pin according to my forever grandma. I’m not sure what ‘a new sparkly pin’ is, but it sounds good doesn’t it! My forever grandma and mummy seem particularly exhausted but I had a whole bunch of parsley so I quite enjoyed my little holiday 😀

It certainly looks good too! The dishes have all been washed and ready for our next intake of piggies, the windows are shining, the floor is sparkling, and the cages and cabins have a fresh smell about them too, we’ll definitely have to go away more often if this is the result 😉

Everything is great except I don’t seem to be able to find Charlie anymore. I befriended Charlie when he crawled into my cage a few days ago and set up home in the corner. He doesn’t eat much so I wasn’t too bothered about him, but we soon became pals when he told me all his stories about swinging on his webs from one side of the guinea pig house to the other and made it seem so exciting…but now I can’t find him!

I’ll have to squeak to Hamish & Dougal, and Nugget & Peanut instead of Charlie. They’re our latest holiday piggies. A handsome pair of boars and a gorgeous pair of sows, who Poppy would have dearly loved…

Sadly, my beautiful Poppy passed over rainbow bridge recently. She said she’d wait for me, but I said to go on ahead and say hello to all our friends over there.  I miss her greatly, but I do have double helpings of food now, so it’s not all bad.


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