Ahhhh, those Summer Nights!

Well, if this is what I’m named after then I certainly don’t think much to the summer!

We’ve had nothing but rain, rain and more rain, with thunder and lightning storms thrown in for good measure. We haven’t been able to go outside for playtime for ages, don’t get me wrong we’ve had the door open, and had grass brought into us, but it’s just not the same is it?!

And what happened to my summer romance? I thought I’d meet a boar, crazy for me. He’d have a cool leather blanket and a pretty pink one for me. I’ve watched all the boars coming in for holidays, but none have a leather blanket with them, they’ve all brought a sow instead!  I’ll just have to carry on sharing Hilton for now 🙄

Piggies have been going home over the last few days and there’s been a frenzy of activity to get the cages and cabins cleaned and vet bed washed and set back up again, houses washed and dried, and even an urgent dash out for more puppy pads – I got dizzy just watching all the action!

We’re all sorted now though with everyone here safe and sound, with lots of lovely green hay to snuggle in to, this is the life!

Summer x