Easter is here!

Easter is well and truly in full swing, as we’ve had piggy pals coming and going for a few days now. There’s been groups, duos and singles all needing a break from their forever mummies or daddies for lots of different reasons, but the majority seems to be so that they can have some peace and quiet from them and have a good catch up with us both on piggy news of course 😀

Poppy has loved meeting up with the other sows in a corner of the garden and having a chat about EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. They were there ages! Bernard has been telling me the joys of his harem and trying to convince me to start my own. He really doesn’t have to try too hard with me, it’s Poppy he needs to squeak too!

Have to dash off and say bye to Caramel & Fudge before they head off for home.




Thank you to Caroline from Out of the Hutch for allowing us to use her artwork for the cover photo.

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