Rushing here, rushing there!

Dear, oh dear, poor Buttercup has had to go to not one, but two vets…that is really bad luck because when I went to the vets, they took away some of my bits and I still haven’t had them back 😯

Buttercup had only been on holiday a few hours too, when she was whisked away to vet no.1. My forever mummy wasnt happy with just one vet, so Buttercup was rushed off to vet no. 2. Buttercup said she didn’t know what all the fuss was about and just wanted to finish her cucumber!

Buttercup stayed at the vets overnight. She said it was very nice and a lovely lady fed her every few hours, so it wasn’t all bad, although she missed her girly friends a little bit.

I was only at the vets a few hours and they managed to take away my bits, so imagine what they managed to take over night, but Buttercup isn’t concerned about that at all, because she’s feeling so much better and she didn’t want to have babies anyway… I’m not quite sure what having babies has to do with it though…maybe it’s the medication making her a bit doo dah 😀

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