Boy, it’s really quiet around here!

My lovely friends, Rusty, Squeaky, Jasmine, Buttercup, Daisy and Georgie, have gone home today. They left about 12ish whilst I was out in my run, but we had plenty of time to say our ‘goodbyes’ over a breakfast of apples, pears, lettuce and celery They’ve promised to talk their family into letting them come to stay again next year when they go on their holidays so maybe I’ll see them again!

BUT…I’ve found out the name of the two sows upstairs (I’m not called Nosey for nothing); they are Dandelion and Nibbles; they are very quiet but love to come out when no-one’s around; they think no-one sees them, but I do, nothing gets past me 😛

I have new friends opposite too called Mop, Flora and Lily, although they are a little quiet because they are still settling in, I’m sure we’ll have lots to squeak about pretty soon.

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