Christmas is creeping up!

Elmo has been for a long weekend holiday and had a little pampering. He was very well behaved too, obviously due to it been near Christmas…everyone wants a visit from Santa! 😆

Valentino has arrived early for his hols so that he’s around noisy piggies (I personally, don’t think I’m that noisy). Unfortunately Valentino lost his friend recently, so needs the company until he gets another one from North East Guinea Pig Rescue!

Poppy is constantly squeaking to him now, so that he’s not lonely, I offfered to exchange cabins with him so that Poppy didn’t have to squeak quite so loudly and I could get a bit of peace and quiet, but he prefers to snuggle up to his toy rabbit instead; think all this squeaking could be putting him off getting a sow-friend that’s for sure 😛

Poppy and I had a photo session today, where we had lots of veg to eat and had to stand around the Christmas decorations…I kept walking off in search of presents but I didn’t find any 😕

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