Calm before the storm

We’ve had a busy few days here in the guinea pig house, first of all Billy came for his holidays. He’s had a weigh in and is the heaviest and chunkiest pig we’ve had come to stay here so far and we’ve had a fair few I can tell you… Poppy calls the heavy sows ‘fluffy sows’ but I think she’s just being polite!

Jerry came for a Spa day along with a new friend called Buzz. They both settled in well and Jerry enjoyed his pampering 🙂

Scooby and Cuddles came for their very first holiday with us, just a short weekend, but long enough to have a good chat! They were a bit shy at first, but Poppy soon got them squeaking away 😀

Penny and Samson came for a pamper package, they’re a lovely pair of piggies, very photogenic!

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