Makes and Models – Part Three


This breed of guinea pig is a fairly common breed and are known affectionately as Himmis. They remind us of a Siamese cat, except probably a little fatter!

A Himmi is an albino piggy with red eyes, who develops a dark chocolate colour on the feet, ears but most recognizably on the tip of the nose. These coloured patches are commonly referred to as ‘points’. They usually develop during the first few months of life and gradually get deeper and deeper in colour, but they have been known not to develop at all, so it tends to become a waiting game as to whether your guinea pig will get them or not.

For comparison below, we have a photo of Smudge with his points and Daisy without points, you can just see the dark edge on the tip of her right ear! 


The Peruvian piggy has long flowing locks which need regular cutting to keep manageable. If left uncut their coats can get as long as 20 inches!!

When first born, it’s easy to mistake a Peruvian for an Abyssinian, which is what we hear a lot of when people bring their guinea pigs to us for pampering. They have 2 rosettes when young and then, as they get older their hair just grows and grows. They have a fringe that grows over their face, covering it completely if left uncut and a lovely parting along the length of their back.

Peruvian guinea pigs are usually a mixture of white, cream and slate colour, sometimes just two of these colours. Roger is a Peruvian guinea pig and gets regular haircuts so he can see!