Hello piggy lovers!

Do you remember your life before guinea pigs?

  • Before you had to pick guinea pig hair off your trousers before going out to work?
  • Before you felt like the healthiest person in the shop for having a trolley full of vegetables (unbeknown to most, it was all for your piggies, not you!)
  • Before you found piggy poop in your shoes, and bits of hay mysteriously hiding in your hair?
  • When you used to talk about something else other than piggies?

No?  Neither do we, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We currently have 8 piggies of our own and have piggies regularly staying for their holidays and coming for pamper days, so we get the opportunity to see a variety of piggies and their slaves (that’s their name for you…what?…you didn’t know this?)

We get asked all sorts of questions here at North East Piggy Boarding (hereafter known as NEPB, because it’s just too darn long to keep typing) and have come across all manner of things piggy related, so we thought we’d put a few things down in the hope that we can help someone who’s new to the piggy scene or maybe just an entertaining read for someone experienced,  hence the name of our new blog Piggy Scene!

We hope you like it and find it useful and fun to read!

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  1. Tina says:

    Hi Sarah and Lisa
    Just been looking at photos of Blackjack and Oreo they are looking great and happy in the sun thanks for taking good care of them.
    From the Atkinson’s xx

    • NE Piggy Boarding says:

      Glad you like them! They’ve loved playing out on the grass 🙂 Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday! x

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