I don’t believe it!

Well, I never! I don’t believe it. I’ll have to tell you because you simply won’t believe it either.

There I was watching Martha run around the cage, it’s easier to just watch her rather than try to keep up, when suddenly we were both put in the dating pen. We were really confused because we’d already met each other and had been getting along just fine! Then a beautiful young piggy looked our way and it was love at first sight, on my part anyway, and the rest is history as the saying goes 😍

The new piggy is a lovely white and ginger colour yet she is called Bluebell, but there’s not a bit of blue on her and I’ve checked, I can tell you! 

Turns out that Martha had left word at the rescue of where she was going and that she’d saved a place here for Bluebell all along, without even a by or leave from me I might add! Bluebell had to stay at the rescue to give birth to even more babies before she could come here to live with us. I’m a little relieved, to be honest as I’m not sure I could have coped with them both at the same time…at least this way I’ve got used to Martha already, so having another one doesn’t bother me too much at all, in fact I kind of like having all these sows running around and having fun! 

I’m sat here now watching both Martha and Bluebell run around the cabin, up and down, and back and forth. It beats me where these young piggies get all their energy from? It looks like they’re both here to stay, not that I mind sharing my food and cabin with them because they don’t really eat that much because they’re so small…I just hope they don’t grow as big as Hilton’s Harem because Hilton has to be really quick to get his food now! 

BluebellMe! (Nosey)Martha